What You Should Look For in a Reliable Photo Booth Rental

December 27, 2022

Whether you're getting married, impressing your company, or celebrating your birthday, you’d want to make the event memorable. Every successful event begins with thorough planning, including finding the right photo booth rental. 

They generate picture-perfect keepsakes to help you cherish the moments forever. However, it's crucial to find the right one, or you'll end up disappointed because you'll be paying for a low-quality service. 

As more photo booth rental companies claim they're number one in the area, it can be daunting to determine the best option for your incoming event. Fortunately, this article enumerates nine things to look for in a reliable photo booth rental. 

1. Availability

When finding a reliable photo booth rental, you must determine their availability and if they offer discounts for weekday events. Book earlier to get the best photo booth rental if you'll be hosting an event on the weekends. Finding a photo booth rental company that's more flexible with their price ranges is also best. 

2. Unique Features

The best photo booth rentals offer unique features to make a memorable event. Ensure they provide a social media station, real-time slideshow, touchscreen, or all three.

3. Excellent Experience and Reviews 

A reputable photo booth rental company will work with top-notch brands, offer several booths to rent, and have served in different events. They'll also boast authentic reviews and testimonials online, such as on Yelp and Google+. Moreover, a reputable photo booth rental company will always ensure their clients have a great time. 

4. Camera Lighting 

You must also determine if your prospective photo booth rental company uses built-in cameras, LED lights, or professional studio strobes. We recommend looking for a company that uses professional studio strobe lighting because it provides crisp and high-quality images you'd expect from a professional studio. 

5. Photo Booth Concepts 

Of course, you'd want a photo booth rental company that can bring a high-quality machine for your big event. Whether they offer open-concept, enclosure-style, or both options, ensure that they provide backdrops and props suitable for your occasion. Any reputable photo booth rental will also have stand-up or sit-down booth styles to allow more photos and creative poses. 

6. Printer and Paper Quality

Besides the quality of the booths, backdrops, and props, you must also ask if the photo booth rental company has high-quality printers, paper, and ink. You should also ask them if their equipment can instantly provide different-sized pictures. After all, you want high-quality keepsakes for your special day. 

7. Customizable Logos, Brandings, and Designs 

If your company is hosting a corporate event or brand launching, you must ask the photo booth rental if they can implement your logo, branding, and design into the printed photos. You should also ensure they offer you custom designs or templates. 

8. Post-Event Services 

Once you pack up everything from the big day, everyone would want to see their keepsakes from the event. For this reason, you must ask if the photo booth rental offers ways to download or view the pictures for free. You should also consult them if they provide a copy of all the images. 

A reputable photo booth rental may offer a free online gallery to let guests view and download their photos. They may also provide a USB flash drive to help clients keep the original-sized images so they can upload them on social media or store them for memories.

9. Quality Yet Affordable Services 

Lastly, you must find a photo booth rental that can provide you with the best services within your budget. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the occasion, everybody deserves to have a good time and keep priceless memories. Hiring a reputable photo booth rental can help you capture picture-perfect moments.

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