Why Should You Set Up a Photo Booth for Brand Activation?

February 28, 2023

Photo booths have become an increasingly popular way to add fun and excitement to any event. Photo booths are a fantastic way to engage visitors and create enduring memories at any occasion, from weddings to business gatherings. But how might a photo booth experience be maximized? You can use the advice in this guide to using photo booths for brand activation.

The technology behind photo booths has substantially improved over time. Everything from wedding necessities to mall kiosks, But brand activation is the photo booth industry's most recent "aha!" moment.

And it makes sense—people enjoy sharing photos of themselves on social media, so if your business has to have an online presence, why not take advantage of the photo booth's most cutting-edge features?

Learn how a video and photo booth rental in Las Vegas is important to your brand activation. 

What Precisely Is Brand Activation?

Brand activation is a relatively new marketing concept. Essentially, it has to do with getting your brand name out there. Utilize brand activation as a springboard for rebranding or getting people to notice your business.

In some ways, it is similar to publicly establishing your business. Also, if they are uninformed that you have something amazing to give them, they won't buy it.

The implementation of customer contact is what sets brand activation apart from conventional marketing initiatives. In other words, your business engages with clients directly and uses the interaction to strengthen its brand.

Photo & Video Booth in Brand Activation

As stated, photo booths have many features, bells, and whistles. Instant social media sharing of images and videos is one of these features that users find most appealing.

You are already aware of what it means in the social media age—everyone will see the fantastic content which will help your business.

Integrating a photo or video booth in your brand activation campaign can engage your customers, stimulate their interest in your business, and create lasting connections through the pictures and films they take and share.

Also, if the videos and pictures go viral, you'll be better positioned to raise your brand's awareness internationally (or just locally, if that's more your thing).

Where Can You Activate Your Brand?

One of the most common methods to use a photo and video booth to promote your brand is to set one upright in the middle of your business site (if applicable).

For instance, a hip new bar would want to bring in more customers during the weekend, so it might set up a social photo booth and promote customer engagement. As is common, the images, gifs, and boomerangs will be instantly shared with the current customer base's social media followers.

Because that's where the fun is, hashtags, shares, and friends of friends start up at the new bar.

Other locations where a photo booth lease could be employed to advertise your company include:

  • Trade Shows: These gatherings are great for meeting other businesses and potential customers, putting up a booth, and shooting pictures and videos of your items in a relaxed environment.
  • Conferences: Conferences may improve your company's reputation as a professional, involved, and relevant organization. Having a booth set up to share amazing content with your brand is the icing on the cake (of other experts in your business).
  • Product Releases: Product releases are a great way to display how customers utilize a new product. People want to watch how new goods, especially gadgets, are used by others, so if they see images of their friends using them, they might want to do the same!
  • In-person: Or in-person at your apparel retailer! Nowadays, passing up a picture op or a 360-degree video booth is challenging. So, your photo booth is the perfect way for your visitors to capture the moment while they use your novelty items and post them online to advertise your company!

How Can You Create a Custom Photo Booth Experience?

Photo and video booths are the best options for brand activation campaigns because they are customizable.

Brand activation has two objectives.

  • amplify brand awareness
  • be in touch with clients

That is what all of our booths do. Adding props, distinctive backgrounds, or themes and styles to your photo booth and video booth selections may make your customers feel you understand and know them.


Band activation using photo booths is an effective way to engage customers and make the desired impression in an interactive and fun way. It is an effective marketing tool that can create an emotional connection between the brand and the customers, helping to increase brand loyalty and sales. It is a great way to increase brand awareness, create memorable customer experiences, and increase engagement. 

With the help of photo booths (such as a GIF booth rental), businesses can also gain valuable data about their customers and their preferences. Brand activation through photo booths is an effective way to engage customers and make a positive impression on them.

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