10 Creative Types and Styles of Photo Booth Rental

November 22, 2022

Do you want to snap a picture in a booth? There are numerous varieties of photo booths. It doesn't matter which one you choose. Who among us hasn't the next day encountered a hilarious article or a cheery comic strip made using a boomerang photo booth rental?

There are many brand-new, modern photo booths on the market; some generate animated and boomerang gifs, some deliver high-quality DSLR photographs, and clients like the on-site messaging and emailing feature. 

There are many opportunities to create one-of-a-kind experiences for your wedding or event, whether you try a new video option like Slow Motion Video Booth or 360 Photo Booth in Orlando.

Continue reading to learn more about the many photo booth solutions suitable for your event.

360 Photo Booth

As you sit there on a platform, let our 360 work its magic. Our most engaging and entertaining experience. Your guests are welcome to dance, adopt a pose, or enjoy themselves! You can create the ideal sharing clip utilizing slow motion or GIFs with the help of our 360. The customized designs and promotion possibilities make this a special occasion.

Array Photo Booth

One of the newest attractions is the Array Photo Booth. It could be a video or a gif. A real moment is captured when a 3D/180 photo is shot. Your experience will be improved if you combine this choice with themed backdrops and props that make the 3D Image come to life.

GIF Photo Booth

The Selfie Booth is a master of conversation. The options available to your visitors are a Boomerang GIF photo booth rental, Animated GIF, or Still Image. 

Following their experience selection, they can select a Digital Prop to engage with. After their session, customers choose a Photo Filter and send it by email or SMS.

Open Air Photo Booth

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular types is an outdoor photo booth. Select a backdrop from a variety of choices to fit your theme. When the visitors stand up and press "start," the countdown begins, and photos are taken. You can email or text yourself the photographs after printing them.

Photo Mosaic Wall Rental

Thanks to the photo mosaic wall, everyone in attendance will get the message that we're all in this together in the big scheme. The mosaic can be seen behind the various images when looking at them closely.

Pose for the camera in the Vogue Booth, our hip photo booth. In this light tunnel, you can record films and boomerangs to post on social media.

Roaming Photo Booth

A mobile photo booth is a great addition and a stand-alone option. The line to utilize the photo booth is no longer there. On-location mobile photo booths come to you. As soon as you take a photo, gif, or boomerang, send or email it to your phone.

Slow Motion Video Booth

The solution is to rent a Slow-Motion Photo Booth for a future event if you want to add something special. It will amaze and delight everyone in the area. They find it amusing when they observe themselves performing routine activities like high-fiving exceedingly slowly.

Traditional Photo Booth

The traditional photo booth is the one that gave origin to the complete photo booth experience and business that we all appreciate and cherish because it requires your guests to cuddle up to take humorous pictures.

Video FX Photo Booth

Add branded frames and filters, and capture HD movies. Create videos of the highest quality that are tailored to your event or wedding.

Vogue Photo Booth

Pose for the camera in our Vogue Booth. Boomerangs and videos are recorded by this light tunnel and can be uploaded to social media.


Different kinds of photo booths are available, and each offers special advantages. A traditional photo booth is the best choice if you want a typical photo booth experience with props and instant prints. A digital photo booth might be more your taste if you search for something more distinctive and contemporary. And a selfie station would be the greatest choice if you're organizing a big event and want everyone to be able to take pictures. No matter which kind of photo booth you select, you're sure to have a good time.

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